Support FIYA's Operations Team and Services!

Support FIYA's Operations Team and Services!

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Help us reach our goal of $500 to receive a MATCH from Kindest by the end of December! Keep FIYA's sports programs thriving for its participating students and schools so that every child may have the opportunity to play a school sport.

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$20 per month

Your sustainable, monthly gift will aid FIYA's services tremendously all year long! Our # of participants continue to grow every season and we need your help providing them with the best quality sports programs possible for the most positive experiences!


Any gift, big or small goes a LONG way in creating a better and more sustainable future for FIYA's mission, sports programs, and services. $50 can provide anything from hiring Track & Field meet assistants to efficiently running our website!


$100 towards FIYA's services means $100 towards our youth. For many schools, FIYA is the ONLY platform available for them to participate in sports. We say that with pride knowing every day we make sports possible for so many elementary / middle schools!


Your $500 gift is an investment we do not take lightly! FIYA sports are inclusive to ALL youth schools and we wish to continue being that platform for our schools to succeed through sports. Your donation impacts schools from 40+ zip codes of LA County!

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We're blessed to work with dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who share a passion for youth sports. The success of FIYA is tied to the real sacrifices the staff makes and their investments in our organization because they believe in it. Our goal is to turn the four current part-time positions – Operations, Communications, Special Projects and Development – into full time positions over the next 3 to 5 years. 

We need to double our current payroll budget of $135,000. We'd like to start by investing in our staff TODAY in the hopes of reaching our ultimate goal of $270,000. 

You can make a huge difference in this organization by contributing to the efforts and services our staff provide day in and day out for the good of our mission to strengthen schools through sports. Every member works full time jobs on the side while also helping FIYA operate daily. Much more than that, they go above and beyond to unify the FIYA community,  cultivate a positive youth sports culture, and provide as much support to all participants as possible. 

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