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Kindest Is a Free Fundraising Platform

Just as nonprofits rely on the generosity of their donors, our business model relies on optional tips. It’s what allows Kindest to remain completely free for all nonprofits that need us.

Analytics Tailored for Nonprofits

A single dashboard offering everything you need to know about your campaigns and donors. Kindest gives you actionable insights automatically, no setup required.

Hundreds of Thousands of Free Stock Images

Take advantage of our free photo media library and pick the perfect cover image for your next campaign.

mobile optimized dashboard

Fully Mobile-Optimized

Kindest campaigns look beautifully on mobile. But not just that. The dashboard is fully mobile optimized as well, so you are welcome to manage everything from your smartphone.

Integrated Pop-Up Widget

Our pop-up widget integrates seamlessly onto your website, allowing you to market campaigns on your homepage and engage with donors right away.


Events & Ticketing

Customize, sell and manage tickets, choose tax-deductible amount for tickets and keep track of all your attendees.

Email Capture & Data Enrichment

Expand your contact list by collecting emails through pop-up form on your website. Each new contact will be automatically enriched with additional data like first name, last name, address and photo.

email capture

Embeddable Donate Box

Engage visitors of your website with our embeddable donate box and collect donations right away from your nonprofit page.

It’s Completely Free. How?

Kindest relies on generosity via optional tips, a business model that mirrors that of nonprofits and which allows us to remain completely free for nonprofits—now, and always.

Donor CRM

Kindest offers all the CRM tools small nonprofits need, allowing them to aggregate, organize, and manage audience data in one place. In fact, many nonprofits already use the platform as their CRM.

Universal Donation Page

Increase the conversion by using the Kindest donation page, with interactive features like comments, social sharing, tribute donations and more. Easily integrate into your website via link or widget.

Works With Your CRM

Have more complex CRM needs? We've got you covered. By integrating with Zapier, Kindest works with your CRM too. We are happy to help you set up any integration.

Recurring Donations

Collect both one-time and recurring donations right on your website, without any other third-party services.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Let your coworkers, friends, supporters and influencers help you raise money—on your behalf! Just email them an invitation, and they’re in.

Zero Learning Curve

Kindest is made to be intuitive. Add to that our hands-on support team, and you’ve got a tool that requires no effort. Unlike most fundraising tools.

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