We reached our fundraising goal in 2 hours.

- Sonya Serge, Sand Sisters LA Nonprofit

kindest donation pageskindest donation pages
Built-In Recurring Donations
Start collecting donations immediately, everything you need in one place. Collect both one-time and recurring donations right on your website without any other third-party service.
Free for Nonprofits of Any Size
Our business model is based on transparency for the donor by allowing them to add an optional tip when making their contribution.
Peer-To-Peer Fundraising
Your coworkers, influencers, friends and supporters can now help you raise the money on your behalf. Just send them an invitation over email and let them help.

Donation Tiers

Be more transparent with your donors and show real impact of their contribution. Suggested tiers show how exactly their donation helps.

Multiple Goals

Fundraising with a specific goal increases conversion. Set up goals and then show what happens when you reach each milestone.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Your donors can choose from various payment methods like credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay to make their donation.

Mobile Friendly

All of your pages including the donation process and campaigns are fully responsive and work beautifully on desktop, mobile and tablets.


Kindest website is accessible for people with a diverse range of hearing, sight, and movement.

No Developer Needed

Start collecting donations without any external help. You don’t need any developer or tech specialist to implement Kindest.
Get Started, It’s Free
Create your first campaign in less than 5 minutes. Kindest is a free platform for nonprofits of any size. We rely on the generosity of donors to provide optional tips.
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