Tapping at Home

Tapping at Home

$694.84 of $1,000

$1000 will pay for 20 dancers to have a tap practice board in their home. This board will help them hear their sounds, protect their floors from their tap shoes, and the rubber pad they come with will help quiet the sound for the downstairs neighbors.

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$10 buys one interlocking tap tile! We need 6 to make a floor for each kid.


Your gift of $60 buys 6 interlocking tap tiles - the number we need to make one tap floor for each kid!


Your donation of $100 buys a tap floor for 2 tap students

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Our 325 students have been sheltering in place in their NYC apartments since March 22. We are holding live zoom classes, sending them practice videos, and encouraging them to keep dancing but it's not easy! Tap is an especially difficult style to do in their homes, as they don't have safe floors for tapping and the sound bothers neighbors.

We're raising funds to provide a special tap dance practice floor to use in their home. These are easily stored, and we can add a rubber subfloor to absorb the sound and keep it from bothering neighbors. Help our students keep tap dancing at home!


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