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The past 12 months have been an incredible journey in the life of RLTK. When we started out on this path we thought that making our tools accessible to an online community made sense because the future of everything is moving to Digital Platforms.

However we never could have anticipated that the future would come upon us so quickly. With all of the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision to move all of our operations to the digital world is now our top priority.

If we are going to be successful at reaching GenZ, we have to take a holistic approach, this means EQUIPPING all people that have influence in the life of a teenager. Instead of trying to be in as many places as possible, access to our platform, enables us to partner with ANYONE that wants to use our methods and content to engage GenZ. 

Why is this such a big deal? 

"The average youth leader has 40 hours a year with a student, the average parent has 3000". Think about how many hours teachers, coaches, foster parents, employers and mentors get with Gen Z. What if we could equip all of those "influencers",

What would that look like? 

Anyone who follows us on social media or has signed up to use our platform gets 100% free access to ALL of our Content as well as our digital community groups.

Here is what we have done so far:  

- Revamped our brand to RLTK

- Launched a platform of free resources-RLTKPHX.ORG

- Created a digital community centered around our mission of reaching & influencing Gen-Z. 

Our goal is to put our content in the hands of:

- 1000 influencers

- 1000 GenZers

- 25 On-the-ground Campus MVMNTs

By the end of the 20/21 school year

With your investment achieving this goal will be possible!

We want to explain what we mean when we say investement. We thought long and hard what to call this group of folks but we finally landed on "founders".

Founders will receive monthly snapshots of what is happening organizationally with RLTK and will have opportunities to give us feedback on our projects. We value feedback and we believe if you are giving it to us that means you think what we are doing is worth your time to reply, give input or who knows maybe even join our executive team one day!

Our founders understand what an honor it is to cooperate with the folks using our material to improve conversations with people they care about. This literally could be the first step towards many relationships turning over a new leaf. The good news is that we hear from GenZ regularly that they desire the adults in their life to engage them in meaningful conversation. The data on GenZ is showing that their trust in authority is eroding rapidly.

This is a problem given the digital age we live in becasue you can be fact checked on the spot by GenZ. If you are saying something cliche or untrue you will lose credibility quickly. Especially if you show that you will not listen when they point it out. The last thing you want as an influncer is to have this become the way your interactions look. This and so many more things scream for us to start paying attention and having meaningful conversations.

Our founders understand how important this is and are committed to helping us with everything. We don't just want founders using our resources we want them to collaborate with us as we build our content library. Our founders will provide us with valuable feedback as well as friendship. We honestly mean it.

That's the biggest reason why we made up our minds early that our platfrom would be free to the public. We want as many friends as we can make and we don't want money to be a reason why we can't.

We arent looking just for your support we want you invested. We see our founders like stake holders in the success of RLTK, not for any monetary gain but to see us accomplish our project initiatives. If this thing is going to stay free it is going to be becasue our founders get this. This is a big idea. We cant achieve it on our own but together we can.

Founders will receive a certificate of recognition to document the moment in histroy when you decided to change the world with us.


We are excited to partner with you in reaching the next generation!

Yours in the fight to influence GenZ,


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