COVID-19 and Beyond: Support Outdoor Black Cultural Zone Community

COVID-19 and Beyond: Support Outdoor Black Cultural Zone Community

$8,281.43 of $10,000

Reaching our goal of $10,000 will support our AKOMA Outdoor Market and other community events at Liberation Park.

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$10 per month

SUSTAINABLE GIVING - Making a donation of $10 a month will go towards supporting our mission during COVID-19 & beyond all year long. Make your impact go further today!


COVID-19 KITS - You 50 donation will support our purchase and/or sourcing of paid or donated Gloves, Masks, Hand Sanitizer and Hygiene items to be placed in the COVID 19 Kits for the community.


TRANSFORMING LIVES - Your donation of $100 will directly impact lives forever. We need the support of our community more than ever. Please donate today!

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Black Cultural Zone: Free Meals, Produce and COVID-19 Safety Kits

Beginning June 15, 2020, we will have free and catered dinners for families, sourced from local Black and East Oakland Restaurants and Caterers. In addition, we distribute produce boxes and COVID 19 Kits for residents which will include masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. We will also hand out other supplies and resources from local community members.



We will celebrate and uplift Black arts, culture, place, economy and life by:

-Highlighting local Black art & culture and Black artists

-Uplifting East Oakland culture and life

-Supporting our Black and local East Oakland economy by offering an outdoor venue for businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, makers and creatives

-Holding public land to support Black and legacy East Oakland residents including those who have been displaced or are stranded and unable to afford to return -- we must end the displacement of our people and build a thriving community.


We need our community more than ever to support our vision of freedom is grounded in our collective self-determination and the creation of political, social, cultural and economic liberation. These principles are informed by the ideals and platforms of our historic Black consciousness movements.

We invite you to EMBRACE our purpose, SUPPORT our collaborative, HONOR our values and INVEST in our vision.

Please consider making a donation today!

East Oakland Black Cultural Zone Collaborative is a tax-exempt public nonprofit (federal tax ID #84-3885205). All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.