Help FIYA Invest in Sports Equipment!

Help FIYA Invest in Sports Equipment!

$4,601.84 of $5,000

Reaching our goal of $5,000 will cover equipment expenses for at least 4 programs: Volleyball, Flag-Football, and Basketball for example, we can purchase anything from team flags to down and yard markers to portable score tables for our schools' gyms!

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$10 per month

Your monthly gift will allow us to sustainably invest in equipment for our sports all year long and beyond. New and necessary equipment not only enhances our students' experiences in our programs, but it's also a way to show our kids that we care!


Your gift of $30 will provide at least 1 game ball for a deserving school basketball team provided by FIYA! In the 2020 season, we have 160 teams participating and for many, this will be the only basketball that they'll have. You can make a difference!


$500 builds a full, outdoor soccer field for our spring program - includes: portable regulation goals, corner flags, chalking and impacts over 1,500 students! Games are hosted at our various schools but FIYA provides the equipment and fielding.

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As you might imagine, there are various sports equipment needed for our various sports offerings: flags, down markers and yard markers for football, portable scoreboards for basketball, soccer/futsal goals and nets and lots of field paint for our flag football fields and soccer pitches. We're always also looking to possibly bring new sports offerings to FIYA such as ball hockey which comes with its own special equipment. With more sports offerings comes more students who can get involved and actively participate in youth sports! 

We anticipate a budget of $10,000 to cover the expenses in this area. 

New and necessary equipment for our sports not only enhances the experience that our students have participating in our programs, but it's a great way for FIYA and its donors to show our kids how much we care! Let's do this! 

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