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Your sustainable, monthly gift will aid FIYA's services tremendously all year long! Our # of participants continue to grow every season and we need your help providing them with the best quality sports programs possible for the most positive experiences!


Any gift, big or small goes a LONG way in creating a better and more sustainable future for FIYA's mission, sports programs, and services. $50 can provide anything from hiring Track & Field meet assistants to efficiently running our website!


$100 towards FIYA's services means $100 towards our youth. For many schools, FIYA is the ONLY platform available for them to participate in sports. We say that with pride knowing every day we make sports possible for so many elementary / middle schools!


Your $500 gift is an investment we do not take lightly! FIYA sports are inclusive to ALL youth schools and we wish to continue being that platform for our schools to succeed through sports. Your donation impacts schools from 40+ zip codes of LA County!

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