Final steps towards prepping Nakula NAR for Kiwikiu Releases

Final steps towards prepping Nakula NAR for Kiwikiu Releases

$7,138.05 of $10,000

We are in a sprint of getting all the final steps in Nakula prepped and ready for bird releases this fall! We are still planting trees every month, tracking birds, controlling mosquitoes, and reducing mammalian predators over the whole landscape.

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$10 per month

We are building the forest one tree at a time. We take trees to plant in Nakula every time we go out there. You could sponsor one tree per month for the small price of a couple cups of coffee :)

$50 per month

We have to stock out field camps with basic consumable goods like dish soap and TP. Getting the cost of these sorts of goods consistently covered will free up that part of our budget for other on the ground conservation efforts.

$125 per month

While we are a very energy consensus office, Maui has the highest electricity rates in the country. We allocate a lot of money every year to keep the lights on. This monthly donation would cover this office or our intern cottage.


Our field team is on back 2 back trips in the spring & summer. There is little time for other work at our office. A monthly gift will cover cleaning, maintenance, and yard work so our biologists can spend time in the field prepping for bird releases.

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Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.


We are in the final stages of getting ready to release Kiwikiu to Nakula NAR this fall. Restoration has been ongoing since 2012 as well strategic management planning for the species' future. We are now couting down the months until fall of 2019 when these birds will move from the windward side of Haleakala to the leeward slopes once again. Our team is on back-to-back field trips to get ready for this huge step in the recovery of this species. We need a bit of extra help for the final stages. 

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