Crisis Counselor from Sci-Tech High School in Austin, TX Requests Our Programming

Crisis Counselor from Sci-Tech High School in Austin, TX Requests Our Programming

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Sci-Tech and SSLA share the same values. Girls will leave with tangible tools for their life. - You have valued and worth - You have the ability to make wise decisions - You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

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We received this urgent message from a crisis counselor from Sci-Tech Middle and High School. 

"I am the Crisis Counselor at Sci-Tech High School. From my work with our teen girls, I can tell you that many of them face issues with anxiety. Some have depression. I am seeing some girls with eating disorders. Some girls are already navigating abusive relationships. Many have family issues. A lot of them have jobs outside of school and are supporting their own families. Others have been separated from their families. These are the girls that need this type of self-love workshop the most. They also are the ones who do not have the financial means to pay for a one-time workshop. This type of workshop would be beneficial to the girls during school hours. The majority of our population is Hispanic and also low-income..."

We will also be hosting a workshop for Altamira Elementary School. This workshop will mirror the work we do with the teen girls. 98% of the girls are on free and reduced lunch. This community is 75% hispanic. Test scores at this school fall far below the state average. This makes the girls at-risk meaning they are more likely to drop out of of school, experience teen pregnancy, go to jail, and get involved in gangs. 

Help Sand Sisters empower girls in Austin, Texas this September. We know how powerful our work is and how we leave lasting impact on girls. 

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