Covid-19 Has Us Stuck at Home - 19 Push up Challenge

Covid-19 Has Us Stuck at Home - 19 Push up Challenge


Reaching a goal of $500 means you've challenged 10 people to our 19 push-up challenge.

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Your donation of $50 will help our organization continue it's mission as your challenge family and friends to accomplish 19 push-ups.

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19 Push-Up Challenge

We are all stuck at home trying to navigate uncharted territory. Normally, when our country is in crisis, we come together to show unity.

COVID-19 has created more physical separation than ever before. But there is still a way for us to show we are stronger together than alone.

Video & Nominate

We challenge you to video yourself doing 19 Push-Ups to represent community, family, and strength. Nominate at least 3 people to join you!

Let's remember, we are all in this together... let's show how strong we are!

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