Commander's Navicular Treatment

Commander's Navicular Treatment

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Hitting $1,000 would allow us to get him x-rays to see which procedure would suit him best.

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Your monthly gift of $50 will help in keeping him at his best (check-ups, medication, supplements, etc.) until we can get his procedure done.


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Our mission

Commander is a 12 year old Quarter Horse who is unfortunately suffering from Navicular disease and has had this issue for some time.

Commander's previous owner went above and beyond for this horse financially until she could no longer do so. Karen stepped in and knowing that he would be in good hands, he came to Shoestring City Ranch.

Commander is a very loving and gentle horse. He's very sweet with a great personality and has been used for beginner riders, children, and was often the horse we used for therapeutic riders. He's a magnificent horse and has brought joy to countless children and adults in his time with us.

Our ultimate goal is to get Commander back to being a happy, healthy, and pain free horse.

Please help us reach that goal and thank you for caring about him as much as we do!!

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