Breath of Life: Ventilators to Africa

Breath of Life: Ventilators to Africa

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Reaching our goal of 4,000,000 will allow us to bring 550 ventilators to hospitals in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and Togo. These ventilators were developed during the pandemic by physicists and 150 researchers and scientists around the globe

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Your gift of 5,500 will cover the cost of one life saving ventilator.


Your gift of 55,000 will cover the cost of 10 life saving ventilators to countries in Africa.

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In March 2020, Cristiano Galbiati, a physicist in Italy, saw first hand the thousands of lives lost - many because they could not breathe and there was a shortage of ventilators. Galbiati contacted his colleague, Art McDonald (2015 Physics Nobel Laureate) and together they gathered 150 people from 9 countries to help build a ventilator for global use.

The Mentor Project is proud to have some of our mentors play a role in the MVM project. Now we are leading the effort to get MVM to Africa, a priority STEM region for The Mentor Project. This is an opportunity to provide life saving solutions that also show how science can save lives.

Every ventilator has the ability to save hundreds of lives. We are working with a global team of scientists, tech experts and business leaders to save lives. Can we count on you? MVM articles.

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