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$5 per month

$5.00/month sends a birthday card to a youth who is in foster care or a residential program awaiting adoption. Although this gesture seems small, many of the youth we work with will not hear from anyone on their special day. We know it matters.

$15 per month

Waiting for adoption is hard - for about 1,000 reasons. Teens find it easier to talk about it with their Ampersand Families worker when an activity or snack is involved. $15/month buys that snack or activity - you can make it just a teeny bit easier.

$25 per month

Helps a youth who has bounced for years between foster homes to reclaim their own history and story. A lifebook is a precious gift of photos, notes from special people from their past and answers to their questions about the hard parts of their life.


$100 provides sensory resources for parents to help their newly adopted teen build skills to calm themselves and to heal from trauma.


Grandmas call us for help when they face barriers to being considered as a foster or adoptive home for a beloved child. Youth shouldn't lose their whole family just because their parents are struggling. $500 provides one relative with consultation.

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Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.