Advancing Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Advancing Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence

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Bringing people together to share ideas and develop new solutions for the responsible adoption of AI is difficult in times of COVID-19. Reaching our goal of $1,000 will enable us to develop alternatives for continuing to build (online) bridges on AI.

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Your gift of $25 will help us organize citizen consultations in underserved communities and in rural areas, to ensure everyone's voice is heard when it comes to new technologies.


Your gift of $50 will provide 1 more semester of education on AI to one more student, equipping the student with practical understanding of the impact of new technologies, their potential for developing countries and their risks for democracy.


Your gift of $100 will provide 1 more day of consulting to senior decision-makers in developing countries about how to leverage new technologies ethically and effectively to promote human safety, dignity and prosperity.


Thank you so much! Your generous gift of $250 will enable us to develop new AI tools to fight modern slavery by holding companies accountable, enable better collective decisions on COVID-19, and many more.

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The Future Society's work programme has been heavily impacted by the recent pandemic - be it for education, citizens consultations, research & development, or advising policymakers in developing countries. At the same time, the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the risks and opportunities that new technologies can represent. Now more than ever, there are opportunities for impact, problems to fix.

Our current campaign is therefore about adapting our programme to new realities: through your gifts, we will rekindle our education projects, our work for developing countries' stakeholders, our consultations in underserved communities, and the development of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to benefit humanity widely such as in the fight against modern slavery, the sharing of critical information during pandemics and many others.

The campaign as a whole will help us develop new processes to empower online, inclusive and informed conversations with decision-makers, citizens and students about AI and its impact. It will also enable us to continue our work helping developing countries leverage digital and AI technologies for education, health, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Thank you for your support, and stay safe!

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